There is one ultimate and absolute God and that person is God the Father.

The personal name of God the Father is Yahowah.

Jesus is the word of God and the son of God but he is not the ultimate God.
Jesus is subordinate to the Father and sits at his right hand.

I maintain biblical monotheism by advocating that there is one person who is the ultimate God and without equal.  The Jewish people correctly understand true monotheism.

“Hear oh Israel, Yahowah is our Elohim, Yahowah is one.” (Dueteronomy 6:4)

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are separate, individual, and distinct beings.

The Trinity hypothesis contradicts scripture and defies logic and reason. It is irrational and incoherent and does not maintain monotheism.

I am not a Unitarian. I believe that Jesus has a divine nature and a divine position subordinate to the Father. He is the Savior of the world and the exalted and glorified Son of Yahowah.