Aphorisms of Albert Emanuel


            When you enter scripture you are walking through the mind of God               


                Jesus told us to be wise as serpents not dumb as sheep.


We cannot earn our salvation by obedience but we can lose our salvation by disobedience.

Feminist Theologian

        A feminist theologian is just another Eve handing the church an apple.


Integrating Christianity with psychology is like trying to integrate light with darkness.

Postmodern Theologians

A postmodern theologian is a magician who transforms speculation into revelation.


      Achieving unity among heretics does not advance the cause of Christianity.

John Henry Newman

          John Henry Newman was right that to be protestant is to ignore history
             but he should have added that to be catholic is to ignore scripture.

 The Purpose Driven Life

    I would rather be led by the Holy Spirit than purpose driven by rick warren.


Better to be a dumb Christian than a brilliant atheist.


A seminary is a theological circus
filled with exegetical clowns
running around in hermeneutic circles.

John Calvin

Beware of French lawyers who offer you a bouquet of tulips.

John Wesley

   John Wesley's condemnation of Calvinism stands as a monument to the truth.


An ounce of Christianity is worth a pound of salvation.


Evangelicals worship the same God. His name is money.


When fighting heretics.....theologize with a hammer.


Rather than coming out of the world, Christians became the world.


Nations that legalize abortion have no right to call themselves civilized.


Those who teach that the fate of the wicked is eternal torment and torture in hell
are misrepresenting God and casting aspersions upon His character.

False Doctrine

Sometimes you have to throw out the pig with the slop.

Postmortem Salvation

If God intends to save the vast majority of mankind,
then postmortem salvation becomes a theological necessity.


Don't make a theological mountain out of a scriptural molehill.


When you spare the Word you spoil the Christian.


Don't bother being a sinner. It's not worth the effort.


It only takes a few seconds for a lie to enter your mind,
but it can take a lifetime to remove it.


Most Christians function like electricity.
They follow the path of least resistance.


Satan has deceived the whole world
and most of the Christian churches.


Atheism is the opium of intellectuals.


Protestants convinced me not to become a Catholic
and Catholics convinced me not to become a Protestant.

So I became a Christian.


Copyright (C) 2007 Albert Emanuel