The business world moved in and converted the church into a corporation.

The retailers moved in and started merchandising the gospel.

The musicians moved in and turned church services into a rock concert.

The psychologists moved in and created a therapeutic church.

The scientists moved in and replaced creationism with evolution.

The banks moved in and enthroned the god of money and the gospel of prosperity.

The doctors moved in and replaced divine healing with modern medicine.

Women's liberation moved in and turned Christian women into feminists.

Pluralists moved in and made Christianity one of many paths to God.

Mel Gibson moved in and made gratuitous violence into a Christian fetish.

The politicians moved in and created a two party church.

Hollywood moved in and made Jesus Christ a superstar.

The publishers moved in and turned prophecy into best selling fiction.

Rick Warren moved in and the church became purpose driven rather than spirit led.

Postmodernists moved in and replaced the truth with relativism.

The lawyers moved in and made a profit from Christians suing each other.

The result was inevitable.

God moved out.

Copyright (C) 2007 Albert Emanuel